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Betty E.06/01/2004  Comment 
 Betty E.  Trash 
 Betty E.

This is a wonderful website - a great way for the world to experience the beauty of your work. Each new piece seems to be more exquisite than the last.

R.C. Gifford (Stansted, England) 06/01/2004  Comment 
 R.C. Gifford  Trash 
 R.C. Gifford

Dear Tim,
Your website is a beautiful presentation of real talent. You have made me very proud.

Jean Gifford (Stansted, U.K.) 06/01/2004  Comment 
 Jean Gifford  Trash 
 Jean Gifford

Dear Tim, Congratulations, you have a great talent and the sculptures capture the spirit of the subject. I enjoyed the opportunity of seeing them on your website. It will be even better to see the real thing when we are in the U.S. Jean.

The Gillum's (The Fort) 06/01/2004  Comment 
 The Gillum's  Trash 
 The Gillum's

Tim, our longtime friend.
We are so proud of you and pleased that you are sharing your awesome talent with the world. We so enjoy our own "Tim Gifford" in our home in his promnent place. See ya around town ol' buddy. Great website too. Claudia and Jack

Kathy Diamond (Fort Collins, Colorado) 05/31/2004  Comment 
 Kathy Diamond  Trash 
 Kathy Diamond

Hi Tim!

Lynette Salzman (Fort Collins, CO) 05/31/2004  Comment 
 Lynette Salzman  Trash 
 Lynette Salzman

Hey Tim,
Great website. Your work speaks for itself as if calls to the sensitivity of the viewer. Mike and I are interested in keeping in touch with your creations, as it would be our dream to own one. Keep sculpting!

Clay Dahlberg (Texas) 05/29/2004  Comment 
 Clay Dahlberg  Trash 
 Clay Dahlberg

Tim: Your web-site is really nice. I hope it does a good job for you!! I REALLY like your new bust. I think it's the best work so far. Not only that it looks alot like Phil, no kidding it's really good. Your talent is growing. Pat and I are proud of you and wish you the very best of luck. We look forward to seeing you again.

Clay Dahlberg
Hunt, Texas

Todd G. (fort fumble) 05/28/2004  Comment 
 Todd G.  Trash 
 Todd G.

Hey Tim,

Brenda said you went hi-tech so I had to see it! The site is awesome and your work is, of course, outstanding. Thanks for sharing it with the world. Take Care, Todd

Flame (Mugs in Old Town) 05/28/2004  Comment 
 Flame  Trash 

Looks GREAT Giffwardo!
Fasten your seatbelt. Who knows where this will go?

Bring it on!


Phil Koester (Houston, TX.) 05/27/2004  Comment 
 Phil Koester  Trash 
 Phil Koester

Fabulous site. I am so proud to know Tim and to have him as a very dear friend. I have seen you evolve into a superior talent and like the quote from Michelangelo I have seen the spirit that is Tim Gifford set free.

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