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Susan Curran (Orlando, FL) 06/07/2004  Comment 
 Susan Curran  Trash 
 Susan Curran

Tim - This truly is amazing stuff. What talent!! (The website is very impressive too.)
Keep up the great work.


Jackie Russell (Richmond, TX) 06/07/2004  Comment 
 Jackie Russell  Trash 
 Jackie Russell

Hey Tim, I guess I'll be able to say "I knew him when....." New pieces look great!

Yvette Melton (Oceanside, CA) 06/06/2004  Comment 
 Yvette Melton  Trash 
 Yvette Melton

Little Timmy Gifford,

Already there are no words left to say that have not already been spoken about your work. I am so impressed and find myself not knowing which is my favorite piece.

I am sure that I am not the only one that has known you since you were a pup that is proud as heck of ya!

Keep up the great work.


Michelle Gardner (San Antonio, TX) 06/03/2004  Comment 
 Michelle Gardner  Trash 
 Michelle Gardner


Congratulations, your site is fantastic, very moving. Although I have always loved the "Firefighter", Clay is correct, your latest does resemble Phil. Its a beautiful piece. I especially enjoyed reading the other guests comments, Molly's was the best!!! Too funny. Take care, see you in September.

Megan Gifford (Fort Collins) 06/03/2004  Comment 
 Megan Gifford  Trash 
 Megan Gifford

Dad, what can I say? I have seen this project from start to finish and the journey you have taken along with it. It is an amazing honor to be a part of your work, and words cannot express how proud I am.
-Love, Meggie

Alice (San Diego) 06/02/2004  Comment 
 Alice  Trash 

What a TALENT! Especially your native american pieces. What emotion!

David Hawkins (UK) 06/02/2004  Comment 
 David Hawkins  Trash 
 David Hawkins

Hi Tim,

I live across the way from your Dad here in Stansted. and he has just called insisting !! I take a look at your new web site. I am obeying without delay. Don't want to get on the wrong side of Big Bob. Any way Tim Your web site look very professional to me. I wish you all the very best for the future and look forward to meeting you on your next UK visit.

David Hawkins

Bil Ingram (Huntsville AL) 06/01/2004  Comment 
 Bil Ingram  Trash 
 Bil Ingram

Hi Timmie,

Awesome work!!! I had no idea what talent hid.

Keep up the good work,


Carol Baker Dawson (Jeffersonville, Indiana) 06/01/2004  Comment 
 Carol Baker Dawson  Trash 
 Carol Baker Dawson

You know I am a big fan of your work. It is particularly impressive that this brilliant talent lay dormant for so many years. I am so very proud of you. It is important to do what you love - and the beauty in your art shows this is one of your loves.
Smiles, C~

Molly Jones (Las Vegas, NV) 06/01/2004  Comment 
 Molly Jones  Trash 
 Molly Jones

Timmy? Is that your new artist name? Your work is unbelievable! Your story has inspired us all to find our hidden talent. Would you like me to shop for a Bronze swim suit and model next to the sculptures like Vanna? I
will be sure to send it to my circle of friends out here. Love, Molly, your favorite sister-in law!

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