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Blair (Denver) 08/03/2004  Comment 
 Blair  Trash 

"Everyone is gifted -but some people never open their package." anonymous
Thank you for opening your package no matter how long it took.
Canyon Watch with it's "sense of self and existence" speaks well to me - thank you.

Ann Jelich Barnes (Joshua Tree, CA) 08/02/2004  Comment 
 Ann Jelich Barnes  Trash 
 Ann Jelich Barnes

WOW! AWESOME! I'm so happy for you - I knew you were talented, but this is TERRIFIC! I'm so happy that I can say - I know this Artist! Keep up the great work.

Gordy Welch (Plano, Texas) 07/15/2004  Comment 
 Gordy Welch  Trash 
 Gordy Welch

Tim, you are gifted beyond reason. Truely magificant works. I can't wait to meet you in person.

Lisa Burtner Byrd (Ft. Worth, TX) 07/13/2004  Comment 
 Lisa Burtner Byrd  Trash 
 Lisa Burtner Byrd

Tim - Laura told me about your website. I am very impressed! Best of luck with your sculpture. You have a great talent!

Geri Galyon Barnes (San Antonio, Texas) 06/30/2004  Comment 
 Geri Galyon Barnes  Trash 
 Geri Galyon Barnes


Wow! I am totally impressed! A wonderful person with a wonderful talent! You have to know that "The Encounter" is my favorite! They are all truly beautiful!


Chris McCormick (Albuquerque, NM) 06/25/2004  Comment 
 Chris McCormick  Trash 
 Chris McCormick


I had absolutely no idea this talent lay lurking inside you. Your work is beautiful. I especially like the native american ones. Best of luck in this endeavor.


Nyanna Fischer06/19/2004  Comment 
 Nyanna Fischer  Trash 
 Nyanna Fischer

Known you for 12 years and it's about time you "came out" and published your work. I am fascinated and in total admiration of your work. You can tell so much about the artist in their work. I have been to all the greatest museums and seen all the greatest works and you are right up there in the top of the class. I am so honored to know you as the artist as well as the man. Keep up the fabulous work and keep sharing it with the world.

Robert E. Matthews (Fort Collins, CO) 06/18/2004  Comment 
 Robert E. Matthews  Trash 
 Robert E. Matthews

Tim - Great Site !! I don't see how folks can help themselves from purchasing your wonderful artwork after seeing this website. Much luck to you in your upcoming shows.

John Hainley (Dallas, Texas) 06/12/2004  Comment 
 John Hainley  Trash 
 John Hainley


I am duly impressed. Great work..and great website! Hope to see you in '05.


Sue Berge (Fort Collins, CO) 06/09/2004  Comment 
 Sue Berge  Trash 
 Sue Berge

Tim - Everytime I look at your sculpture outside my office, I am amazed at the detail and the sheer beauty of it. Thanks for making work more enjoyable! Sue.

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