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Mary Ellen & Paul Moyer (Ft Collins, Co) 05/14/2005  Comment 
 Mary Ellen & Paul Moyer  Trash 
 Mary Ellen & Paul Moyer

It was great to see you and Brenda yesterday, May 13, 2005. We (Paul and I) have browsed your website and the sculptures are magnificent. What a talent that has emerged! We look forward to attending one of your showings.

Mary Ellen Moyer

Anita Donohoe (Rancho San Julian, CA) 05/08/2005  Comment 
 Anita Donohoe  Trash 
 Anita Donohoe

Tim, I love your bronzes and the history behind your inspiration. Eve and the Water Maiden are definitely my favorites, and I hope to see a Medicine Woman in the future.

love from your Ankara buddy,

Donna Hensley (Atlanta, GA) 05/07/2005  Comment 
 Donna Hensley  Trash 
 Donna Hensley

Beautiful work, Tim. You're very talented. I found out about you through your post in the e-Citadel Guest Book. Why wait until August for Dallas? There's also a large reunion in Las Vegas in July! We'd love to see you there. (Bring a catalog!) I'll spread the word about your work to some of the Ankara alumni and send them your web address. Good luck with your work. Hope to meet you in Las Vegas!

Sande Sievert (Sage Creek Gallery) 03/13/2005  Comment 
 Sande Sievert  Trash 
 Sande Sievert

It was a pleasure visiting with you. Nice web site!

Barbara Howson (Seattle, Washington) 12/10/2004  Comment 
 Barbara Howson  Trash 
 Barbara Howson

These works are incredibly lifelike. The art is very impressive and can only be described as beautiful!!!

Beth Bacon (Washington, DC) 11/23/2004  Comment 
 Beth Bacon  Trash 
 Beth Bacon

Tim, I was so excited to see these when Brenda showed me! I thought of you when I saw the Allan Houser exhibit at the new museum of the American Indian.
Take good care, Beth

Tim Joseph (Fort Collins) 11/04/2004  Comment 
 Tim Joseph  Trash 
 Tim Joseph

Tim, great websight I wish all the success in the world to you.

deenise (Orlando) 10/15/2004  Comment 
 deenise  Trash 

Beautiful work Tim. You are very gifted!

Matt (Richmond, TX) 09/20/2004  Comment 
 Matt  Trash 

Tim, it was great meeting you at the wedding and i look fwd to seeing you again sometime. i will send folks to your website. God bless, Matt.

Jim and Diane Williams (Fort Collins, CO) 08/14/2004  Comment 
 Jim and Diane Williams  Trash 
 Jim and Diane Williams

Thank you for showing us your incredible work. We are now debating about which piece we need to save up to buy. Jim is convinced we need "El Enquentro". I would simply be happy with them all! You are truly blessed with such a wonderful talent. We are in awe.

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