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Mike Bilsing (Fort Collins) 08/25/2006  Comment 
 Mike Bilsing  Trash 
 Mike Bilsing

Tim ... I was great to see you and hear what you're doing and where you future might go. I look forward to seeing your works at the Ptarmigan show. Thanks again.

Larry D. (Denver, CO) 07/28/2006  Comment 
 Larry D.  Trash 
 Larry D.

Tim, Hey, thanks for words of encouragement out on the patio this summer. Your insights on "how you got started" were much appreciated. Really great work, and a lot of passion. Im sure well talk again soon. Larry & Anne - Denver

Linda Vozar Sweet (Jemez Springs, NM) 07/23/2006  Comment 
 Linda Vozar Sweet  Trash 
 Linda Vozar Sweet

Tim,your work is outstanding! I'm truly inspired, and I was glad to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my gallery yesterday. It was really neat to see Kay and you together.

John Wirth (Gig Harbor) 04/23/2006  Comment 
 John Wirth  Trash 
 John Wirth

Great work. You've really got the eye for the essence of your subjects. It's fantastic how you've captured it. I guess that's why its called art.

kimani (Kenya) 04/17/2006  Comment 
 kimani  Trash 

Sorry i got to add that "Vanishing Way" is a piece and a half, make it full size!

kimani (kenya) 04/17/2006  Comment 
 kimani  Trash 

The website is excellent, but the sculptures are utterly overwhelming. I do the same here in Kenya. All the best in your carrer

Shiela (Southern California) 03/25/2006  Comment 
 Shiela  Trash 

Tim, you have such skill and artistry, your work beautiful and evocative. Every time I see the fireman I think of the 9/11 firemen. And your native Americans show a depth and empathy not found in other sculptures I've seen. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.

Lauren Gifford (Centennial, CO) 09/23/2005  Comment 
 Lauren Gifford  Trash 
 Lauren Gifford

Hi Uncle Tim! Your artwork is amazing! From one artist to another, congratulations on having the courage to create, and to share those creations with the world! You are an inspiration.


Timmy Lee Pruett (Norco, CA) 09/13/2005  Comment 
 Timmy Lee Pruett  Trash 
 Timmy Lee Pruett

Tim, your work is great. Waiting to see what the latest is going to be. I really want to have one of your works in my collection. Going to be in Denver soon maybe you and Mike and families can get together.

Kay (Albuquerque) 08/14/2005  Comment 
 Kay  Trash 

Wow ... I am in complete awe. Particularly so since having the priviledge of seeing "Hardrock" in Dallas. I am still intrigued by him, as well as your "Aguadera" in particular. Your work-in-progress looks to be absolutely phenomenal! We are all truly benefiting from the unfolding of this beautiful talent within. Thank you so much, Tim.

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